Safety Planning

Safety planning is an important tool for victims of dating or domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and robbery. A safety plan is a personalized and proactive tool used to reduce the risk of further harm in an unsafe environment, such as an abusive relationship. The plan should be well thought out and map out strategies and alternate strategies to react to dangerous situations. A safety plan should include a team of supportive people that the victim trusts.

Safety plans may be very simple, such as adding a peephole and an alarm system to their home after a robbery. They can also be very extensive, such as devising a plan to leave an abusive relationship, which would include determining the safest time to leave, financial resources, living arrangements, altering work schedules, etc.

Student Victim Assistance staff is here to assist students in developing a personalized safety plan. Contact Student Victim Assistance for more information. A College Student’s Guide to Safety Planning can help students get started on their safety plan.