Reporting & Disclosure

The options for disclosure and reporting victimization are listed below. Assistance is available upon request to help students review these disclosure and reporting options. University support services are available to students regardless of whether they choose to formally report the violation to the university or to law enforcement.

Confidential Disclosure
Disclosures made to the health care providers and Student Victim Assistance staff at the locations listed below will be held in strict confidence and will not serve as notice to the university requiring initiation of a review of the disclosed conduct.

Important Note About Confidentiality
All university employees except those described below serve as responsible employees who are required to share all reports of sexual misconduct with administrative officials for university review.

While the services below are available to any student who has experienced crime, sexual misconduct in particular may be disclosed confidentially in the following areas:

University Report
If a student is comfortable doing so, victimization committed by members of the university community may be immediately reported through one of the avenues described below:

Student Violations of the Student Code of Conduct (which includes the Sexual Misconduct Policy):
Dean of Students
Student Center East, Suite 303

Violations committed by faculty or staff:
Office of Opportunity Development/Diversity Education Planning
1 Park Place South, Suite 308

Confidentiality in Reporting
The university will protect confidentiality by not disclosing the complainant’s information to anyone outside the university, except as required by law. Within the university, a complainant’s request for confidentiality must be balanced by the university with its responsibility to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for the university community. Where the university cannot take disciplinary action against a student because of a complainant’s insistence upon confidentiality, the university’s response will be limited, but it will pursue other steps where available to limit the effects of the alleged sexual misconduct and attempt to prevent its recurrence.

Law Enforcement Report*
Students may report crimes to campus or local law enforcement agencies. University officials are available to provide assistance with making such reports, upon request. Reporting to law enforcement is not required.

Georgia State University Police Department
15 Edgewood Avenue S.E.
Emergency Number: 404-413-3333

Students who are off campus should dial 911 to contact local police.

*Students who are considering filing a university report or law enforcement report of sexual misconduct are encouraged to preserve any evidence of sexual misconduct. Examples of evidence that would assist in an investigation of sexual misconduct include:

  • Clothing worn during the incident including undergarments
  • Sheets, bedding and condoms, if used;
  • List of witnesses with contact information
  • Text messages, call history, social media posts
  • Pictures of injuries