Need Help?

For immediate victim assistance after hours: 404-413-1965

Student Victim Assistance staff want to be sure students who have been victimized have all of the information, resources and support available to them. Student Victim Assistance is here to assist victimized students as they figure out what they need and how they would like to move forward. Students who would like to make an appointment can contact Student Victim Assistance.

Student Victim Assistance is a source of confidential support for students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating or domestic violence and stalking. Student Victim Assistance also provides assistance for those who have experienced other crimes, such as armed robbery, identity theft, physical assault and harassment.

Student Victim Assistance recognizes that students may have experienced something that makes them feel threatened, uncomfortable or violated but may not know how to define their experience. Students who are unsure how to define what they experienced may find it beneficial to explore the information on this site about the common types of victimization to help them clarify their experience or contact us for assistance. This site also provides information on reporting options and resources for different types of victimization.