How to Help

For immediate victim assistance after hours: 404-413-1965

What if someone I know is victimized?
Oftentimes, students who have experienced crime will disclose their experience to a friend or loved one first. This can be overwhelming for the person in the supportive role who may not know what to do or say to be helpful. Student Victim Assistance is here to support and provide information to friends, roommates, advisors, faculty members and teammates of students who have experienced victimization. It is necessary to have a supportive environment of people placed across campus in order to reach students who may choose not to seek services from Student Victim Assistance. Empowering all campus community members through consultation and resources to be empathetic, supportive and armed with referral resources may make a major difference in a student’s life. Tips on how to respond to a victim of crime, some common reactions to expect and specific information for faculty and staff members are included.