Active Situation Safety Tips

Posted On April 30, 2021
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What do you do if someone is trying to rob or harm you? Prevention goes a long way to avoiding crime, but sometimes we encounter a dangerous situation and need to react. Here are some tips from the National Crime Prevention Council for staying safe in an active situation:

  • If someone is approaching in a threatening way, use direct commands, such as “Get back!” “Leave me alone!” or “Let me go!”
  • Yell to get the attention of people nearby if you feel unsafe.
  • If someone is robbing you, do not resist. Personal safety is more important than your property.
  • Throw your property in one direction and run away in the opposite direction to a safer place.
  • Avoid getting in a vehicle or someone else getting in yours at all costs.

Crime is never the fault of the victim but being prepared can help you stay safe if you find yourself in an active situation. When you are on a Georgia State University campus download the LiveSafe App to easily request a Georgia State University police escort or make police reports.

If you have been the victim of a crime, on-campus or off-campus, you can contact Student Victim Assistance for confidential crisis intervention and advocacy. Visit us at or call us at 404-413-1965 to speak to an advocate.