Safety During Spring Break and COVID-19

Posted On March 2, 2021
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Spring break is March 15-19 for Georgia State University students. However with the COVID-19 pandemic still happening, spring break safety looks different this year. Here are some tips, adapted from RAINN, to keep you and others safe on spring break.

General Safety Tips:

● Share the details of your trip like who you’re going with, where you’re staying, and itinerary with someone you trust.

● Be cautious about sharing your location information on social media through posts and geo-tags. It’s better to post photos of your trip later than in the moment.

● Keep an eye on your belongings. If you are staying in a hotel, they may have a safe that you can keep your valuables in. Write down the serial numbers of any high priced items you’re bringing along.

● Make a plan with your group on where to meet up if you get separated and are unable to use your phone.

Alcohol Safety Tips:

●  If you choose to drink alcohol, drink in a low-risk way (e.g., eat while drinking, limit drinks to one per hour, limit drinks to two to three per day).

● Do not leave your drinks unattended to protect against date rape drugs.

● Do not accept drinks that you didn’t see the bartender make.

COVID-19 Safety Tips:

● Continue wearing face masks and washing hands to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

● Consider spring break destinations that are socially distant, such as camping, a private AirBNB, or a staycation.

Spring break has a few more safety caveats than in previous years, but can still be a time of fun and rest for students with some careful planning. If you are looking for self care strategies for spring break, check out BeWellGSU on Instagram for tips #HealthyStateGSU.