It’s On Us Campaign

Posted On November 11, 2016
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It’s on us to end sexual assault. It’s On Us is an education based campaign focusing on sexual assault awareness and prevention on college campuses. It’s On Us advocates for a cultural shift surrounding sexual assault by identifying what sexual assault is and situations in which it is beneficial to step in and prevent sexual assault from happening.

What would you do if you witnessed someone being victimized? Would you stand there, or take a stand to prevent the assault? It’s on us to step in, intervene and speak up for those who have not or cannot give consent. The It’s On Us campaign is a promise to do what’s right and not be a bystander in the midst of a problem. It’s a call to be part of the solution of ending sexual violence against women and men across country.

Cristian Garcia, a football player from the University of Florida, recently did just that. While working as a security guard at a local bar, he stepped in and stopped a sexual assault from occurring. Garcia stepped outside while on his shift and witnessed an intoxicated woman being victimized while several males stood around watching. He soon realized the woman was fading in and out of consciousness. He then stepped in and pulled the perpetrator off of the woman and got her to safety. Garcia is being hailed for stepping up to help end sexual assault stating,

No one deserves to be taken advantage of in that way.

~ Cristian Garcia

Will you step up like Cristian Garcia? Take the pledge today to help in sexual assault. Visit the It’s On Us campaign for more information.

Student Victim Assistance offers free and confidential resources for any student who has been victimized. To make an appointment or discuss all of the resources and support available, please contact Student Victim Assistance at 404-413-1965.