Recording Artist Addresses Campus Sexual Assault

Posted On December 1, 2015
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As attention to campus sexual assault continues to grow, one celebrity has utilized her platform to bring awareness to this important issue. Recording artist Lady Gaga released a music video entitled, Til It Happens to You, highlighting the impact of sexual assault on college campuses. With over 21 million views on YouTube, the video illustrates scenarios of sexual violence from the perspective of the survivor. The video ends with a messages of hope, solidarity and support among survivors and their loved ones.

With much attention on the adjudication and campus response to sexual assault, this music video addresses the aftermath of assault and common reactions of survivors as well as positive responses toward survivors, displaying messages such as “Believe me” and “Listen.” The video ends with sexual assault statistics and references the National Sexual Assault Hotline number for students who may need help. As a result of this video’s release, more people may be aware of the assaults that occur on college campuses around the world. Ideally, this awareness will prompt dialogue related to affecting change in order to create safer environments for college students. For more information on resources, common reactions and how you can help a survivor, visit the How to Help page.