Utilizing Technology to Increase Safety

Posted On October 30, 2015
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Safety is a concern for many college students and their parents. Since technology is such a prevalent part of society for college students, there are now many ways to utilize this platform to enhance safety. Here are a few apps and services to consider:

bSafe is a personal safety app free for Apple iOS and Android devices. It features GPS tracking, fake phone calls to allow users to get out of uncomfortable situations, ways to alert friends that you have arrived at a destination, audible alarm for emergency situations and features for checking in which send an automatic messages within a certain time frame.

Kitestring is a web-based service which checks in with users and alerts pre-selected contacts if a user fails to respond.

Circle of 6 is an app which allows users to program trusted contacts into their phone, so they may quickly access those contacts if needed. GPS technology will pinpoint the user’s location in case of emergency. Circle of 6 also allows users to program customized emergency numbers into their phone for easy access.

Utilizing these services can serve as one way to promote a sense of safety for college students. Georgia State University students may also visit the Georgia State University Safety & Security site for more safety tips and resources.